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LuvSide's Savonius vertical axis wind turbines.

Harness wind power wherever possible with LuvSide’s small vertical axis wind turbines.

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LuvSide's vertical axis wind turbine.


Vertical axis wind turbines : Stirring the powerful turn of renewable energy

LuvSide develops, builds, and sells small vertical axis wind turbines to businesses, private owners, and communities. With 5 years of solid development, our turbines have a proven track record for both onshore and offshore operations.

Electricity is a necessity.


Electricity: The most essential sustainable transformation

We cannot go about our day-to-day lives without the supply of electricity. However, 66.8 % of the total world gross electricity generation came from combustible fuels (IPCC, 2014), emitting greenhouse gas which leads to global warming and climate change. In the past years, a powerful transition towards renewable energy has come into action across individuals, industries, governments, and the world.

Sustainable electricity is the solution.


Make every kilowatt greener and cleaner

As energy-conscious citizens, we believe clean, decentralized energy generation is the solution. LuvSide’s small vertical axis wind turbines not only harnesses wind power, but also ensures autonomous power supply with excess electricity stored or fed directly into the grid. This allows electrical power to be produced and supplied locally, eventually driving green energy transformation from ground zero — companies, institutions, and our homes.

More About Sustainability

Continuous Innovation

Continuous Innovation

5 years of research and development with more to come.

Impeccable Quality

Impeccable Quality

Designed and built by our own engineering team.

Competitive Technology

Competitive Technology

Reliable even in extreme weather conditions.

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LuvSide Turbines

LuvSide currently provides Savonius vertical axis wind turbines as your solution to decentralized, self-sufficient power generation as well as the public representation of sustainable responsibility.

  • LS Double Helix 1.5

    Proven track record of operation along the coast of North Sea, on offshore platforms, by business sites, and on university campuses.

    360° Wind Pickup
    Flow-optimized slat geometry
    Storm-Proof design
    Up to 180 km/h wind speed
    Low Environmental Impact
    Near-silent operation
    Operational Safety
    Overload clutch ensurance

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  • LS Helix 3.0

    Same robustness, higher efficiency. LuvSide's next evolution Savonius turbine, available now.

    360° Wind Pickup
    No yaw system required
    Storm-Proof design
    Up to 180 km/h wind speed
    Low Environmental Impact
    Near-silent operation
    Operational Safety
    Overload clutch ensurance

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  • WindSun 5.0
    Initial launch in Fall 2020
    Evolutionary hybrid of Darrieus wind turbines and solar energy with a power output of 5.0 kW.

This is a vertical axis wind turbine that can…

  • Withstand tropical storms and typhoons
  • Be installed on various landscapes
  • Connect directly to local power grids
  • Create lower environmental harm
  • Supply energy autonomously
  • Act as representation of sustainability

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Autonomous energy supply for all.

Wind is borderless, so should energy be.

Standing for green energy transformation, we aim to bring autonomous power supply with wind energy and small vertical axis wind turbines to organizations and communities in remote landscapes, windy regions, and coastal areas around the world.

Together we bring forth a greener future


  • Europe Distributor: bplusb
  • Offshore Distributor: AlphaTechnologies
  • Offshore Distributor: Siemens
  • Offshore Distributor: VONK
  • DACH Distributor: Hans Otte
  • DACH Distributor: modulbluE
  • Spinova
  • Living Innovations


  • E-Werk Mittelbaden
  • Helmut Schmidt Uni
  • Saudi Electric Company
  • Shell
  • Stadtwerke Lübeck
  • Tulip Oil
  • One Dyas
  • Siegle + Epple
  • Landesgartenschau 2020
  • GM.SH
  • Verpackungsberatung Hage

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LuvSide team and our vertical axis wind turbine.

Take the powerful turn into wind energy sustainability with LuvSide's small vertical axis wind turbines.

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