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LS Double Helix 1.0

Ingeniously simple, simply ingenious

The slim silhouette of the LS Double Helix 1.0 blends into its surroundings in a minimalist way. With its low weight, it can be installed on a pole or on a robust roof.

The LS Double Helix 1.0 is our turbine with the most operating hours worldwide. The new design is the logical development of the classic Savonius idea, which was introduced in 1924 by the Finnish inventor Sigurd Savonius. In our design, the two main blades have been supplemented by two new slats to close gaps in the wind window and increase the torque.

Thanks to the helix structure, the wind always hits the same feed surface, no matter which direction it comes from. The slim and compact silhouette of our LS Double Helix 1.0 blends into its surroundings in a minimalist way without being overlooked. With a weight of 470 kg, the turbine can be installed on a mast or on a robust roof. The LS Double Helix 1.0 is primarily designed for off-grid use. This means that it charges the standard 24V/48V battery packs via a programmable controller/charge regulator and fills the gaps in the photovoltaic system during windy weather phases.

Insights into the LuvSide turbine

Thanks to the controller’s volt-step-up function, the slimline four-blade turbine starts moving at a low wind speed of 3 m/s (11 km/h) and starts producing electricity (DC) silently and reliably. An integrated dump load ensures that the excess energy is reduced at wind speeds above 16 m/s. With its dynamic design, the LS Double Helix 1.0 has all the positive characteristics for a regenerative energy solution without CO2 emissions.



LuvSide has been developing, building and selling small wind turbines since 2014. We are convinced that all people and organizations from windy regions around the world should benefit from our sustainable and autonomous energy supply. This motivates us every day to produce small wind turbines. We are specialists in small wind turbines and offer innovative and reliable solutions for sustainable energy generation – both horizontally and vertically.


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