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Who are our small wind turbines suitable for?

The areas of application for a LuvSide system are diverse. Our turbines supply private households, commercial properties and public facilities with electricity, which they feed into the local power grid or into energy storage systems.

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Commerce & Industry

All companies that recognize the advantages of renewable energies and want to adapt their image accordingly.

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Private customers

Individuals for whom an autonomous and environmentally friendly energy supply is important.


Public institutions that contribute to a sustainable society.

Find the right product

Before installing a small wind turbine, a few key questions need to be clarified.

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Weather conditions

How does the wind behave at the potential location 10 meters above the ground?

Suitable location

Does the planned location of the system have an appropriate distance to nearby buildings, trees and other objects?

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Regional regulations

What regulations apply in the region regarding the installation of wind turbines, including construction and geographical restrictions?

Our products at a glance

Horizontal & vertical small wind turbines

Find out more about our powerful, horizontal-axis HuraKan wind turbine, which is characterized by its robustness and reliability. Discover our innovative, vertical-axis helix turbines, which can be perfectly integrated into urban areas. Or get to know our WindSun solution approach and combine the best that renewable energies have to offer – photovoltaics in combination with wind power!

Vertical small wind turbines

Virtually silent, decentralized and self-sufficient power generation

Our vertical small wind turbines in the Savonius style stand for maximum stability and decentralized and self-sufficient power generation even at low wind speeds.

Our LS Helix variants are characterized by 360° wind capture, storm-proof up to 180 km/h, virtually silent operation and guaranteed safe operation thanks to an overload clutch.

Horizontal small wind turbine

Compact, robust and with flexible sash suspension

The LS HuraKan 8.0 is our first horizontal small wind turbine. Compact, robust and with a flexible blade suspension system that changes the angle of attack of the rotor blades in the overload range, thereby reducing the diameter.

This achieves what many horizontal wind turbines fail to do: Our LS HuraKan 8.0 is not slowed down at high wind speeds, but continues to run at full load in the most attractive wind phase.

WindSun: Wind turbines and photovoltaics

Combines the best of renewable resources

Solar energy through the photovoltaic system and wind power of the LS HuraKan 8.0 from LuvSide. The advanced combination of solar and wind generates a nominal output of up to 28 kW and reduces dependency on fossil fuels at a very good price-performance ratio. The modules are suitable for a wide range of applications in both urban and rural areas.

Our experts are on hand with sound advice to help you find the optimum wind power solution for your needs. Benefit from our many years of experience in the installation of small wind turbines. If necessary, we take care of everything – from planning to commissioning. Our systems are durable and extremely low-maintenance. However, if required, we are of course available for maintenance and inspection services.

LuvSide has been developing, building and selling small wind turbines since 2014. We are convinced that all people and organizations from windy regions around the world should benefit from our sustainable and autonomous energy supply. This motivates us every day to produce small wind turbines. We are specialists in small wind turbines and offer innovative and reliable solutions for sustainable energy generation – both horizontally and vertically.


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