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Private Wind Turbines for One Family Homes

The dream going off-grid

The idea of being able to generate electricity off-grid as a private person with a wind turbine in the garden...

Generators for Wind Turbines: How to Pick One

Generator Selection

There are several types of generators that can be coupled to small wind turbines: most importantly DC or AC types...

Generators for Wind Turbines

Generator Basics

Wind turbines have been assisting mankind to convert the energy contained in wind into electricity for the last 50 years....

WindEurope - Live Energy Generation Numbers

How much power generate wind energy?

Renewable energy is, without a question, one of the European Union’s biggest development goals in the 21st century. Between 2004...

Wind Turbines -Greenhouse Gas-Emissions

Does wind energy reduce greenhouse emissions?

In order to evaluate the sustainability of wind turbines comprehensively, it is important to understand how they are manufactured and...

Wind Energy: Advantages and Disadvantages

Wind Energy – Advantages & Disadvantages

Europe is expanding its offshore wind farms dotting the North Sea while China keeps adding more and more turbines to...

Wind Turbines for Off-Grid Power Generation

Wind turbines: Autonomous power supply?

Generally speaking, the term ‘off-grid’ refers to buildings, communities or a lifestyle that are not connected to some or all...

Offshore and Onshore Wind - a comparison

Offshore and onshore wind farms compared

Wind farms can be built both onshore and offshore to harvest wind energy and generate sustainable electricity. The difference between...

Wind Turbine doesn't turn, but why?

Wind turbine is not turning, why?

When it comes to wind turbines, people expect them to always be turning. In reality, though, that isn’t always the...

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Latest LuvSide news

Invitation LuvSide Turbines South Africa CapeTown

Inauguration in Cape Town

On May 23, 2024, our four LS Double Helix 1.0 turbines will be inaugurated at the V&A Waterfront in Cape...

South Africa: Compensating for power outages with wind power

Wind power compensates for power outages

In the windy regions of South Africa, small wind turbines are an adequate option for taking the power supply into...

South Africa Windy coastal regions and power cuts

South Africa: Windy coastal regions

With some extreme weather and wind conditions, South Africa is ideally suited for small wind turbines. Added to this is...

LuvSide has been developing, building and selling small wind turbines since 2014. We are convinced that all people and organizations from windy regions around the world should benefit from our sustainable and autonomous energy supply. This motivates us every day to produce small wind turbines. We are specialists in small wind turbines and offer innovative and reliable solutions for sustainable energy generation – both horizontally and vertically.


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