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WindSun concept

The perfect combination

Our WindSun modules combine the best of renewable resources: solar energy and wind power. This advanced combination generates a nominal output of up to 28 kW and reduces dependency on fossil fuels at a very good price-performance ratio. The modules are suitable for a wide range of applications in both urban and rural areas.

In urban areas, our WindSun modules can be used as carports or to provide shade in public parks, for example. With a total height of around 15 meters, they are also accepted in cities. Due to their small dimensions, the system does not require a complex planning permission procedure in most countries. Our WindSun modules are ready for use after just three to six months and can be installed quickly and easily without a ground-sealing foundation.

In the agricultural sector, the ground area under the solar panels, which are installed at a height of 4.5 meters, can be used for agriculture without any restrictions. The planting of wild grasses is also a conceivable option, and game crossing is still possible. In sunny, hot regions, the shade provided by the panels protects the soil below from drying out. The solar module can also be used to install irrigation pipes, for example.

A symbiosis with potential

With the WindSun modules, we and our customers are focusing on sustainable energy generation in different environments and areas of application. The intelligent control system works effectively and offers optimum use of renewable energy sources, for example by switching on the wind turbine at night via the solar system. The stable and durable foundation is shared.

WindSun modules are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a future-oriented and powerful energy generation solution. With WindSun modules, you benefit from an excellent price-performance ratio as part of CapEx. The combination of sun and wind enables a nominal output of 28 KW, ensuring an extremely effective and elegant state-of-the-art solution for energy generation.

If you are looking for a reliable and powerful energy generation solution that combines the best of solar and wind, then the WindSun system is the ideal choice for you. It offers you an excellent return on investment and allows you to benefit from a sustainable and future-oriented technology.

The tailwind principle

A flexible blade suspension and blades that can be adjusted using gas struts ensure that the angle of attack on the rotor is reduced in the event of overload. This means that the turbine continues to run at full load and constant nominal power even in the most attractive wind phase.

Attractive daily production

The WindSun wind power solar module generates a significantly higher energy yield and a better balanced production curve compared to a standard PV ground station.

Highlights of our WindSun solution

LuvSide has been developing, building and selling small wind turbines since 2014. We are convinced that all people and organizations from windy regions around the world should benefit from our sustainable and autonomous energy supply. This motivates us every day to produce small wind turbines. We are specialists in small wind turbines and offer innovative and reliable solutions for sustainable energy generation – both horizontally and vertically.


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