Six months turbine assembly

LuvSide People: Felix Adelt - Turbine Production
28 Apr

Six months turbine assembly

“LuvSide is a great opportunity to take part in changing the energy sector. We drive and encourage our people to bring ideas onto the table and turn them into influential actions.”

1. How long have you been with LuvSide, and what do you do here?

I joined LuvSide in September 2019 for a 6-month internship required by my university study. As an intern for Turbine Production & Workshop Management, my main responsibilities include sourcing and purchasing materials, streamlining turbine assembly, and handling sales communication. In other words, I lead and optimize the assembly of our 1.5 kW and 3.0 kW Savonius wind turbines and the prototyping of the WindSun 5.0 model. I also take initiative to source materials like turbine paints to ensure our production quality.

2. What inspired you to join the LuvSide team at first?

I am currently studying Energy Technology and Resource Optimization in Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Hamm-Lippstadt). While researching about wind turbines for a university project, I came across a news article about LuvSide and the CEO. I find vertical axis wind turbines especially exciting because they are not as well-known. The design and forms of this type of turbines are very special. At the time, I was on the search for an internship for my 5th semester, so it was the perfect timing.

3. What does your typical day in the office look like?

I start my morning by checking and answering emails from clients and sellers. After that, I go through our inventories in the workshop and map out the weekly plan with my colleagues. I would then create or adjust our production timeline accordingly and decide how many people should support the tasks. During the rest of the day, I would be working on our turbines with the team in the workshop.

4. What is the first “Wow” moment you’ve experienced working in LuvSide?

It was definitely my first time participating in the whole construction cycle of our 1.5 kW turbine for Helmut-Schmidt University in Hamburg. We started from zero to build that turbine— screw by screw, parts by parts, blades by blades. Every day the turbine grew a bit larger, a bit larger, and a bit larger. On the day the turbine was complete, I sat there in the workshop and thought to myself, “Wow, this turbine is that big.” It was very impressive.

5. What motivates you to come to work every day?

I’m very happy every morning when I wake up. It’s different from waking up in the morning to university, where I sometimes felt less motivated. We have a very nice atmosphere in the office with fun tasks and easy-going people. Knowing our turbines can be out there changing the world is very cool.

6. How would you describe your internship in LuvSide?

It’s a great opportunity to learn everything. I aim to be an engineer in the future, but at LuvSide, I also learn about marketing and presentation in addition to deepening my professional knowledge. Because the company is quite small, we don’t have a clear division between teams. All the tasks are inter-connected and relevant for every person. At the same time, we also receive mentorship directly from the CEO

“We are a startup and we all stand behind the products we are building.” – Felix Adelt

7. What is the workplace culture like at LuvSide?

I think it’s like friendship or a family. Most of the people here are either students or just out of university for a couple of years. Because we are all about the same age, it is very easy to make friends and there is no hierarchy among us. We eat lunch together at midday and bond together after work. No one gets treated unequally for being “just a working student” or “just an intern.” Instead, everyone’s expertise and opinions are valued.

8. What is the most unique characteristic of LuvSide as a company or a team?

We are a startup and we all stand behind the products we are building. Everyone in the company is environmentally conscious, which is the core that brings us together. Since we are only a team of 8 to 9, we all work in the same office. This allows us to reach out for help or communicate face-to-face with one another very easily without needing to make a phone call or send an email.

9. How does LuvSide support your personal and professional growth as an intern?

I learned so many things here. For example, I wasn’t completely new to welding, but we did a welding workshop that taught me more knowledge and best practices. I was able to use CAD for more complicated, in-depth projects through the guidance of experienced colleagues. Our CEO is one the best mentors when it comes to client communication and negotiation.

10. How does your work experience in LuvSide enrich your study?

Everything about vertical axis wind turbines. Paints, materials, electronics— aspects where university hasn’t been able to teach us in-depth. I was able to take everything I’ve learned in university and apply it into the work in LuvSide. What I do in LuvSide also enhances the theories and academic knowledge I’ve acquired from my study.

11. How has your time working in LuvSide shaped you?

I think I’m a new person now. You know, half a year is quite a long time. Living and working in this company in this city in the past 6 months really changed me. Every day, I am speaking or reaching out to colleagues, clients, sellers, and companies in German and English. Now, I feel way more skilled and comfortable when it comes to communication and people skills.

12. What are your plans after finishing this internship?

I would finish my study first. In terms of career, my study covers a wide range of energy sources such as solar, but I am generally quite interested in wind turbines and their future in Germany. It is definitely an option for me to stay in this industry or even come back to LuvSide.

13. Any tips or advice for future interns or work students?

Seek personal contact with the individual employees and team members. Even if some people can be a little more introverted, I think that everyone can find their place in this very young team and will be gladly accepted.


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