LuvSide Joins Friday For Future Climate Strike #NetzstreikFürsKlima: How to Contribute as a Citizen?

Online Climate Strike with LuvSide

Today, we at LuvSide joins the online Climate Strike #NetzstreikFürsKlima organized by Fridays For Future Deutschland. As a wind energy company, advocating for a sustainable future and supporting environmental protection causes is just as important as developing the most reliable vertical axis wind turbine.

This is a climate urgency

Our climate is changing for the worse. It is no longer a theory, but a scientifically proven phenomenon that hundreds of thousands of people clearly experience every day. Snow decreases in the winter; Summer warms up early in the year. Droughts. Fire. Floods. Storms. These are closely related to how human activities and greenhouse gas emissions have been affecting the global atmosphere in the past 250 years.

What can we do as ordinary citizens?

It’s never too late to act, but it’s already time to take actions. As ordinary citizens, there are a lot of valuable contributions to make.

1) Reflect on Your Day-to-Day Carbon Footprint

From transportation to everyday diet, our consumer and lifestyle choices matter. Reflecting on how your daily routines can be more sustainable is going to make a huge difference.

Check whether you leave your lights or laptops on during unnecessary hours. Consider biking instead of calling an Uber. Consider electrical cars over traditional models. Travel more with trains. Turn to slow fashion or second-hand purchases. Introduce more plants than meat into your diet. Buy more bio groceries or shop at small, local markets.

It could be difficult to change these long-rooted habits, but it is not impossible to establish these sustainable, conscious actions. For example, 80% of our employees commute only with public transportation. 50% of our employees are vegetarians and the other 50% don’t eat meat every day. 20% of our employees start buying more from online and local second-hand markets.

2) Reflect on Your Energy Source

If you have the financial and residential resources, consider installing solar panels or small vertical axis wind turbines to support the energy consumption of your households or buildings. The sight of roof-top solar panels is the new classic. If you have enough space, a wind turbine can also be the wind-wind solution that won’t compromise your architectural taste.

In the past five years, LuvSide has supported companies in three countries in achieving more cost-effective and more sustainable energy transformation. Over 20 of wind turbines are turning powerfully every day to harness wind energy.

3) Reflect on Your Government’s Policies

More and more governments around the world are working towards the same direction. How about yours? Take a look at your local or national government’s environment and energy policies and voice your concerns. Join movements such as Fridays For Future to demonstrate your beliefs. Follow news and reports released from credible sources to understand the latest situation.

LuvSide as part of the Fridays For Future Movement

Since September 2019, LuvSide has been supporting the Fridays For Future demonstrations as a company. We joined one of the biggest climate strikes in September, 2019 and ended the day with fantastically delicious vegan burritos. Check out the video below to witness the amazing movement!

This year, despite being under lock-down with millions of others due to COVID-19, we are still excited to take part in the online climate strike. The #NetzstreikFürsKlima takes place by livestream at 12 pm on the 24th of April, 2020. We invite you to draw your climate strike demonstration card and upload the picture to the #NetzstreikFürsKlima website to show support!

LuvSide and Climate Strike

Because they sow the wind, they will reap the wind storm

As the pioneering vertical axis wind turbine supplier in Europe, we at LuvSide thrive to contribute to environmental sustainability through renewable energy solutions and technology. We would love to support any person or organization in finalizing their wind energy transformation with our wind turbines.

Together, let’s make every kilowatt of electricity in the world cleaner and greener.

To learn more about LuvSide wind turbines, please visit our website.

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