“When you start, you get results.”

LuvSide People: Leon Dietenberger - Electrical Engineering
11 May

Leon: “When you start, you get results.”

“LuvSide has taught me to take initiatives in communication and solve problems by trying continuously. I believe that when you start working on a task, you will get a result. No matter positive or negative, it is your result to work on.”

1. How long have you been with LuvSide, and what do you do here?

I started in the middle of September in 2019 for my 6-month internship until February 2020. Mainly, I handle the electrical engineering of LuvSide turbines. I work a lot with our generators to build up testing procedures, search and improve solutions, and also establish measurement systems for wind speed and energy performance.

2. What inspired you to join the LuvSide team at first?

First of all, I study Renewable Energy with a focus on electronics in Munich University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule München). On one hand, I’ve always wanted to work in a smaller, lean company close to Munich. On the other hand, I find decentralized energy production especially interesting. I wanted to get first-hand experiences in this sector and continue to work with this concept.

3. What does your typical day in the office look like?

I start my day with a coffee, breakfast, and nice conversations with my colleagues. If we are delivering our turbines, I would prepare the electronics in the workshop. Otherwise, I conduct research, run diagrams, speak to potential suppliers, and connect with other companies to find optimal solutions.

4. What is the first “Wow” moment you’ve experienced working in LuvSide?

When I saw the turbine for the first time, I thought “wow, this is really huge.” A really cool moment was when I finished the cabling and saw that the sensor was working, the clutch was working, and everything was in place. To build something on my own and have it function without a problem is very rewarding.

5. What motivates you to come to work every day?

Of course, I like the people here and it is a big reason. Working here is a lot about constantly thinking to improve. There’s nothing boring and there’s always something new to do. Each day, I am faced with new topics, new tasks, and new challenges.

6. How would you describe your internship in LuvSide?

This is my first real job in a company environment. I learned a lot about collaboration and teamwork. We work as a team, which means there is nothing you need to do only on your own. It sounds very cheesy, but while you’re working here for a job, it’s also like you’re working with your friends and building up something good. There is also no need for self-motivation because most of the time, the motivation is already granted.


7. How would you describe LuvSide’s work-life balance, especially with your study involved?

I think it’s like friendship or a family. Most of the people here are either students or just out of university for a couple of years. Because we are all about the same age, it is very easy to make friends and there is no hierarchy among us. We eat lunch together at midday and bond together after work. No one gets treated unequally for being “just a working student” or “just an intern.” Instead, everyone’s expertise and opinions are valued.

8. What is the most unique characteristic of LuvSide as a company or a team?

In LuvSide, we are a lean team where everyone has a clear idea of what to do and how to grow. In bigger companies, you might just be one single person among 100 others on your team. I imagine it is quite easy to lose purposes in such an environment, but at LuvSide, this doesn’t happen.

9. How does LuvSide support your personal and professional growth as an intern?

Working in LuvSide requires a person to take on responsibilities to complete a task. You can’t expect somebody else would do it for you if you just turn your head away. There were some tasks that I found intimidating at first, but realized afterwards that they were actually challenging in a cool way. I have acquired a sense of responsibility and ease to step out of the comfort zone.

10. What is one key opportunity that LuvSide creates for you as an intern?

My work experience in LuvSide allows me to learn and understand about current market activities and trends, which is a great advantage. It helps me know what is possible out there, in what way you have to think, and how supply and demand looks. For example, I didn’t know vertical axis wind turbines exist. Now, I am in touch with various companies working in the same industry, which can provide valuable resources and opportunities.

11. How has your time working in LuvSide shaped you?

Before I joined LuvSide, I used to think a lot and hesitate before taking action. Now, I have grown to become more practical and hands-on. I am more comfortable to simply try tackling a challenge, make mistakes, try again, make other mistakes, and then try again until I find the solution.

12. What are your plans after finishing this internship?

I would finish my study and go on to work in a smaller, lean company, doing pretty much what I am doing here in LuvSide. Decentralized energy production is where my passion lies. I would love to have the chance to work abroad, like in South Africa, to gain more experiences.

13. Any tips or advice for future interns or work students?

Don’t be too shy! Be interested, flexible and ready for daily changes – because they happen here every day.


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