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LuvSide WindyBlog Application/Operation LuvSide News Sustainability Wind energy Wind turbines Application & Operation, WindyBlog Private wind turbines for one-family homes – the dream of going off-grid? The idea of being…


Become a customer Initiating the energy transition together LuvSide’s systems are currently sold via local suppliers or directly from the manufacturer. As a manufacturer, we see it as our duty…

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Become a distribution partner Initiating the energy transition together LuvSide is constantly striving to expand its global network to include trustworthy partnerships with companies and organizations that also attach great…

LuvSide has been developing, building and selling small wind turbines since 2014. We are convinced that all people and organizations from windy regions around the world should benefit from our sustainable and autonomous energy supply. This motivates us every day to produce small wind turbines. We are specialists in small wind turbines and offer innovative and reliable solutions for sustainable energy generation – both horizontally and vertically.


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