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Hannover / Grünwald near Munich, April 13, 2015 – The young company LuvSide GmbH from Grünwald near Munich, which builds and markets innovative vertical small wind turbines (SWT), provides this year for the first time at the Hannover Messe its innovative Savonius wind generator rotor of public. The specially-designed LuvSide rotor with striking double-helix shape provides a performance increase of about 25 percent compared to conventional Savonius geometries. LuvSide is a partner at the joint stand of Bayern Innovativ in Hall 13, Stand C26.

At this year’s Hannover Messe, which still takes place until 17 April 2015 LuvSide presents its innovative vertical wind generator at the joint stand of Bayern Innovativ in Hall 13, Stand C26 to interested visitors. The collective stand is supported by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology and offers young Bavarian company like LuvSide GmbH the opportunity to present their innovative products and processes and their development skills to an international audience. Already at the trade fair in New Energy Husum in March earned the new vertical rotor of LuvSide much attention.

Unlike conventional vertical Savoniusrotoren which mostly have a relatively high weight and a relatively low efficiency, which is why they have “a stiff breeze” need to ensure rewarding electricity production, the LuvSide GmbH went from the south of Germany in the development of its rotor completely new ways to eliminate these serious disadvantages. The innovative concept of LuvSide based on three pillars.

Although further developed that LuvSide rotor follows the classic savonius idea, but has an innovative and proprietary rotor geometry with striking slats that thanks to intelligent flow guidance avoids annoying turbulence, thus eliminating the weak points in terms of efficiency. The specially designed rotor of LuvSide with its characteristic double-helix shape has proven in complex 3D flow analysis from the aerospace engineering a performance increase of more than 25 percent compared to conventional Savonius geometries.

To compensate for the weight penalty of other rotors in vertical construction, LuvSide sets when selecting materials to consistent ultra-lightweight manner with fiber-reinforced high-performance plastic. Thereby the rotor of LuvSide achieved an enormous weight advantage. The ultra-lightweight way not only creates advantages in start-up behavior of the rotor in light winds, the material also guarantees despite adverse weather influences a durability of more than 20 years.

Third quality criterion is a specially tailored for this wind wing power electronics, which is precisely tuned to the low-speed generator of German manufacture. This is directly integrated into the foot to create a direct load path from the wind turbine to the generator and to reduce the number of components. The control electronics regulates the optimum interaction of wind power, speed and current collectors.

Currently LuvSide with its equipment with a rated power of 1 kW in the prototype phase (max power 1.5 kW.); more wind turbines with outputs of 3 kW and 6 are in the pipeline. Currently searching for suitable locations for farther Referenzanalgen that provide sufficient wind.

“We also count on the Hanover Fair 2015, which continued visitor interest, because the value of 25 percent increase in performance caused a stir in the small wind turbines industry,” says Rolf Hoffmann, Managing Director of LuvSide GmbH. “The Hannover Fair is the ideal platform for us to make our innovative rotor concept known internationally and to attract more prospective customers.”

And Hoffmann continues: “Since LuvSide unlike horizontal small wind turbines (HWEA) drives the shaft only by the pure wind resistance, completely new installations at home, in commercial areas and high buildings are possible, who were excluded for the so-called three-lobe blocks so far. My belief is that LuvSide is a popular companion in a more conscious living society with its outstanding performance, the near silent operation and its attractive design in a short time. “

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