The first 2kw power unit is delivered


The company Stadtwerke in Lübeck is the first customer in Northern Germany, which is pleased with the attractive LuvSide wind turbine design standing in front of their new headquarters. “Limegreen” as elements of the new building in passive house standard, which is one of Europe’s most modern office buildings constructions with wood, the Savonius wind turbine stands with its distinctive helix shape on a mast in front of the main entrance of the building. With its innovative rotor geometry it symbolizes the values of Stadtwerke Lübeck.

Not only can you find is the design of the office building innovative and sustainable. Renewable energy, resource conservation and energy efficiency are the basis for a sustainable lifestyle and economy of Stadtwerke Lübeck. In addition, the small wind turbine system from LuvSide contributes so that the passive house wood building already produces nearly as much power as its users consume. He supported both for employees as well as customers credible commitment to the transformation of energy and efficient energy use.

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