Small wind turbines: LuvSide achieved with its innovative Savonius vertical turbine a 25 percent higher power output


Pressemitteilung Savonius Rotor new energy Husum

Husum / Grünwald near Munich, March 10, 2015 – At this year’s 2015 New Energy Husum fair that will take place from the 19th to the 22nd of March, for the first time, the young company LuvSide GmbH from southern Germany will present their innovative vertical wind turbine (SWT). The specially-designed LuvSide revolutionary Savonius turbine with its characteristic double-helix shape provides a performance increase of more than 25 percent than the other conventional Savonius geometries. In addition LuvSide achieved, through the utilization of consistent ultra-lightweight materials a huge weight advantage. Third quality criterion is a specially tailored for this wind wing power electronics, which is precisely matched to the German EBERLE generator. Currently, LuvSide with its turbines with its 1kW capacity is only on the prototype phase (max power 1.5 kW.); more wind turbines with outputs of 3 kW and 6 are also being prepared. The market launch is scheduled for the earliest 2016.
Vertical wind turbines are a good choice to produce electricity through the year avoiding the constant noises of the horizontal turbines. They have been available for years in different designs and performances. The Savonius vertical rotors are generally maintenance-free, very quiet and stormproof. However they usually have a relatively high weight and a rather low efficiency, which is why they need a fairly strong breeze to start producing power. To eliminate these serious drawbacks, LuvSide broke new ground in the development of its rotor.
The dedicated team leaded by the CEO Rolf Hoffmann spends some of their leisure time surfing and sailing and are experts on wind matters. They developed for months an innovative rotor shape, which could achieve a higher yield of the oncoming wind. Although the new LuvSide rotor follows the classic Savonius principle, it has innovative and now patented rotor geometry with two distinctive slats, which thanks to its intelligent flow control it avoids disturbing flow turbulences. LuvSide rotor with its characteristic double helix shape has proven in complex 3D flow analysis made by Aerospace Engineering a performance increase of more than 25 percent compared to the conventional Savonius geometries.

Ultra-lightweight and customized Power Electronics

To avoid the weight disadvantage of other vertical rotors, LuvSide has selected fiber-reinforced high-performance plastics to construct the wings. We take the latest findings from the process and material technology that have been implemented. LuvSide is benefiting from the extensive know-how and experience of ERKA TECHNIK GmbH in the field of modern injection and molding production. The ultra-lightweight construction provides advantages not only in the start-up behavior of the rotor in light winds, the material also guarantees despite the adverse weather conditions a lifecycle of more than 20 years.

In addition to the shape and material selection, a third component comes into play and that´s what makes LuvSide so successful: the specially developed power electronics. Other SWT manufacturers often use standard components for their control electronics, despite the fact that these rarely work together seamlessly with their rotors. LuvSide, however, insists upon customized power electronics. A special low-speed generator from EBERLE German Company is directly integrated into the base to make a direct load path from the wind turbine to the generator and to reduce the number of components. Matched to the system, control electronics regulates the optimal interaction of wind power, speed and power loss.

Small wind turbine – made in Germany

“In order to be able to mass produce a high quality product cost effectively, we have strictly ensured that the design of all the components is produced according to the mass production specifications” says Rolf Hoffmann. He is not only LuvSide GmbH CEO; he also leads ERKA’s development team of technology in Bad Endorf in Chiemsee. “In the assembly the individual components are later modularly assembled. So that in the future as a manufacturer of vertical small wind turbines we can deliver also turbines with a power class from 1 to 6 kW through a genuine quality standard “Made in Germany”. LuvSide aimed to individuals, businesses and organizations that want to use the wind energy for its electricity production – and doesn’t want to enter into disputes with its neighbors because of the noise and shadow casts of their generator.

“Our goal is to bring LuvSide closer to the performance of the horizontal small wind turbines (HSWT)” adds Hoffmann. “As a result, our market would suddenly expand nine times, because 90 percent of the market share goes today to the – more complex and fair – horizontal small wind turbines, the typically three-bladed horizontal turbines. I believe that LuvSide with its excellent performance and its attractive design will become shortly in a bestseller in the industry. “

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