New 2KW small wind turbine from LuvSide in operation


New 2KW small wind turbine from LuvSide in operation / press picture


For the first time installations for commercial customers with 2 KW rated output:

(WK-intern) – With its recently built plant in Lübeck, the young company LuvSide GmbH from Grünwald near Munich has now for the first time also a powerful vertical small wind turbine with a nominal power of 2 KW in the market.

Grünwald near Munich – This newly conceived plant size is aimed above all at commercial users, who base their purchasing decisions on aspects of energy production as well as design and innovation.

As part of this year’s HANNOVER MESSE, LuvSide was awarded the BEST OF title of the INDUSTRIEPREIS 2015 because its vertical Savonius rotor is characterized by a particularly innovative rotor concept. Another 2kW plant will soon be completed near Stuttgart.

Stadtwerke Lübeck is the first customer in northern Germany to be pleased about its attractive LuvSide small wind power plant in front of the new company headquarters. ‘Limegreen’, like elements of the new passive house standard building, one of Europe’s most modern timber-framed administrative buildings, features the distinctive helix shape of the Savonius rotor on a mast in front of the main entrance to the building. It symbolizes with its innovative rotor geometry what the Stadtwerke Lübeck stand for. Not only in the conception of the office building did innovation and sustainability take center stage. Renewable energies, conservation of resources and energy efficiency are the basis for a sustainable way of life and business of Stadtwerke Lübeck. In addition, LuvSide’s small wind turbine makes its contribution to ensuring that the Passive House wood building already generates almost as much energy as its users consume. In doing so, he credibly substantiates his commitment to the energy transition and efficient energy use both for employees and customers.

The project in Lübeck is still a prototype, with which LuvSide proves what is technically in the innovative rotor and that this is not only suitable for private households with 1KW systems, but is scalable in its rated output. With its innovative vertical small wind turbines LuvSide was already able to convince at this year’s HANNOVER MESSE and was honored in the category Energy and Environment as one of the “Best of the INDUSTRY AWARD 2015 of the Initiative Mittelstand”. Since then, the company has already received numerous reservations for its facilities. Before Christmas, another 2KW plant will be built and connected to Stuttgart.

Currently, the production costs of a LuvSide turbine are so high that there can be no short-term amortization through power supply, because each rotor is currently still a handmade one-off. However, as soon as the corresponding demand arises and the production technology can be changed from a manufactory to mass production, the production costs will be reduced enormously. Here, the company expects a reduction in costs of up to 75 percent.

Three pillars of success

Conventional vertical savonius rotors usually have a relatively high weight and lower efficiency than large horizontal wheels. In order to eliminate these serious disadvantages, LuvSide GmbH took a completely new approach in the development of its rotor. The successful concept of LuvSide is based on three pillars.

1. Although the LuvSide rotor follows the classic Savonius shape, it has an innovative rotor geometry with distinctive slats. Thanks to intelligent flow guidance, disturbing turbulences are avoided, thus minimizing the weak points in terms of efficiency.

2. By ultra-lightweight construction with fiber-reinforced high performance plastic and aluminum parts, LuvSide compensates the weight penalty of many other rotors. Thus, the LuvSide rotor achieves distinct advantages in terms of startup behavior – even and especially in light winds.

3. Tailored control electronics, which are precisely tuned to the low-speed generator made in Germany, regulate the optimal interaction of wind power, speed and current consumption. In order to produce a direct adhesion of the wind turbine to the generator and to reduce the number of components, this is integrated directly into the foot.

“We are very pleased that with the on-schedule development and production of the new small wind turbine with 2 KW rated output, we could prove that our young company not only offers an attractive and shapely solution in theory, but also successfully places it in the market”, explains Rolf Hoffmann, Managing Director of LuvSide GmbH. “With the larger plants, we aim primarily at commercial applications, where not only the energy yield is in the center, but also the aesthetic design of our turbine as eye-catcher plays a role for the external appearance of our customers. As a result, we are hoping for a quicker move towards mass production of our higher-volume rotor concept as early as 2016.”

Short profile LuvSide

The LuvSide GmbH, founded in 2014 with its headquarters in Grünwald (Munich district), develops, builds and markets vertical small wind turbines (KWEA) for power generation from wind energy. The innovative concept of the developer, which produces up to 25 percent more power than vertical runners of conventional Savonius geometries, is based on a special Savonius rotor with slat and distinctive helix shape. In addition, the targeted selection of materials achieves an ultra-lightweight design in the rotor. A tailor-made concept consisting of a PM generator and a state-of-the-art inverter produces the power required for grid feed-in (AC) or battery charging (DC) from existing wind power. With this product, LuvSide is one of the pioneers in the production of low-noise wind turbines worldwide and is in the trend towards decentralized and self-sufficient energy supply. Currently, plants rated at 1 kW, 2 kW and 6 kW are being tested and can be produced in small batches from mid-2016. LuvSide relies on modern plastics production as well as on the know-how of special suppliers from German SMEs. The development of the prototypes was financially supported by the BMWI as part of the ZIM funding program and was accompanied by the universities and technical colleges. In the spring, LuvSide was awarded the German Industry Award 2015 “Best-off” in the “Energy & Environment” category at the Hanover Fair.

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