LuvSide’s second 2KW unit harvesting the wind on a building edge in Stuttgar


Second installation of our 2kW turbine, this time based in southern Germany for a ventilation and air conditioning company Siegle & Epple in Stuttgart, the extensive know-how in the building technical equipment has and in view of diminishing resources and rising energy costs on the energy efficient operation of buildings and sets equipment. His new innovation center in Heimerdingen near Stuttgart is since this week accompanied by a LuvSide turbine in the corporate colors. The special feature: for the first time installation on a mast was positioned right on the edge of the building to “harvest” with its rotor area of ​​5,6m2 the wind on the facade. We are very excited about the first successes.

“We are very pleased that we were able to prove the development and production of the 2 KW wind turbine within a short schedule and prove that our young company is able to offer an attractive and elegant solution not only in theory but it is also successfully placed in the market,” explains Rolf Hoffmann, CEO of LuvSide GmbH. “With the larger systems we mainly target commercial applications in which not only the energy yield is the focus, but also the aesthetic design of our turbine as an eye catcher plays a role for the public image of our customers. This will give them faster step to series production of our rotor concept with higher numbers already in 2016. ”

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