Vertical Axis
Wind Turbines

A new way to harness wind power.

LuvSide Team assembling our vertical axis wind turbines

What are vertical axis wind turbines?

Vertical axis wind turbines are a type of wind turbine where the rotor blades rotate around a vertical shaft. Unlike the common fan-like design seen on horizontal-axis wind turbines, the blades of vertical axis wind turbines often appear in the spiral shape or H-shape.

The oldest vertical axis wind turbine in history.

Pioneering based on ancient wisdom

Although horizontal axis wind turbines are the most well-known wind power generators, vertical axis wind turbines are the oldest among wind turbines. Simple yet robust, the use of vertical axis wind turbines dates back to as early as the 7th century as a Persian invention.

A bright lightbulb powered by wind energy

Turning motion into electricity

Wind turbines produce electricity from kinetic energy in the wind. By rotating the rotors, they generate electrical current. When connected directly to the power grid or integrated with power storing units, they become autonomous power providers limited only by wind.

The two working principles

Savonius vertical axis wind turbine

Savonius: The Resistance Runner

Savonius vertical axis wind turbines use the flow resistance principle of the rotors. The dynamic pressure of the wind against the blades creates a drag effect, pushing the blades into rotation. Because of this, Savonius rotors never move faster than the wind speed.

Darrieus vertical axis wind turbine

Darrieus: The Uplift Runner

Also known as the “egg beater”, Darrieus vertical axis turbines use the lift effect of the blades. By flowing around the structure, the wind creates a suction on the front side of the turbine, driving the blades to rotate. The rotation speed of a Darrieus turbine can be significantly faster than the wind speed.

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Why choose vertical axis wind turbines?

Although vertical axis wind turbines has lower power output capacities compared to horizontal axis wind turbines, they have qualities that make them the best solution for populated areas and small-scale usage on various landscapes.

360° Wind Pickup

360° Wind Pickup

No wind tracking systems required for operation.

High Wind Endurance

High Wind Endurance

Functional under air turbulence and frequent changes of wind direction.

Low Environmental Impact

Low Environmental Impact

No drop shadow, smaller threat to flying animals, and lower noise emission.

Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

Robust design with the generator located only a few meters to the ground.

Smaller In Size

Smaller In Size

Easier to transport, less complicated to install.

Striking Appearance

Striking Appearance

Works powerfully, looks fantastic.

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