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Who could use LuvSide turbines?

LuvSide’s vertical axis wind turbines supply energy consumption of households, commercial buildings, and public communities by connecting to the local power grid or storing electricity in a battery device.

Windy region

You live in a windy region

The wind condition in your area allows optimal performance for wind turbines.

Suitable installation environment

You have suitable local environment

Both local policies and geographical environment of your area permit installation of wind turbines.

Renewable energy supporter

You support renewable energy

Energy sustainability is just as important to you as it is for us and the planet.

Before installing a small vertical-axis wind turbine, there are a few key questions to answer and environmental conditions to evaluate. Download the detailed checklist created by us to guide yourself through the preparation.

Purchasing LuvSide turbines

LuvSide’s vertical axis wind turbines are currently sold through regional distributors or direct orders. As a supplier, we evaluate and select our distributors with strict operational and technical standards to ensure all clients receive the best support and purchasing experiences. All distributors are provided with our latest technology, information, and updates.

Purchase a wind turbine for your own home

If you are looking for…

Private purchase

Private or Single Purchase

Contact the distributor in your region to start your sustainable energy transformation. If you cannot find a distributor in your region, please reach out to us.

Large order

Large or Project-Based Order

If you wish to purchase our turbines in larger numbers or launch a campaign, research, or project with our turbines, please contact us directly.

International purchase

International Purchase

If you are located in an oversea country without local distributors, please contact us directly.

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Our team will gladly assist you in purchasing a wind turbine.

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Want to team up with LuvSide as a distributor? Check out how to sell wind turbines as our distributor.

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