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Utilizing wind power as you need it.

Who could use LuvSide vertical axis wind turbines?

LuvSide turbines supply energy consumption of households, commercial buildings, and public communities by connecting to the local power grid or storing electricity in a battery device.

Private Households

Private Client

Individuals who aim to substitute electricity consumption with green, autonomous energy supply.

Businesses and industries

Business & Industry

Commercial organizations starting a renewable energy transformation or establishing sustainable

Public institutions and communities


Public institutions and activity space contributing to a more sustainable society.

Assessing your wind turbine environment

Before installing a small vertical axis wind turbine, there are a few key questions to evaluate. You can also download the complete checklist in PDF, which will guide you through 3 steps of pre-purchase assessment and planning.

Wind condition

Wind Condition

What is the wind speed and wind condition at 10 meters above the ground of the potential site?

Suitable Location

Suitable Location

Does your intended location have an appropriate distance away from buildings, trees, and surrounding objects?

Local regulation

Local Regulation

What is the local regulation for wind turbine installation including construction and geographical restrictions?

Client Cases & Applications

Luvside’s vertical axis wind turbines are designed for both onshore and offshore operations. The robust quality of the wind turbines ensures stable operation even in wild weather conditions at the North Sea. Its silent, less disruptive nature makes them suitable for delicate environments such as national parks.

The LuvSide wind turbines connect directly to your local power grid, sending electrical power right where you need.

Latest Projects

Hans Otte mit LuvSide Savonius Rotor

Hans Otte

LS Helix 3.0
Vertical axis wind turbine with Savonius rotor

As our Schleswig-Holstein distributor, Hans Otte installed our latest LS Helix 3.0 wind turbine at their company site. While generating electrical power for the company, the Savonius wind turbine also serves as a real-live demonstration for clients and wind enthusiasts.

April 2020

More About This Turbine

Siemens mit LuvSide Savonius Rotor


LS Double Helix 1.5
Vertical axis wind turbine with Savonius rotor

Our LS Double Helix 1.5 Savonius rotors started operating on one of Siemens’ offshore platforms in Summer 2019. Lining up on the edge of the platform, the three wind turbines support the electricity consumption of the platform. 

Summer 2019

More About This Turbine

One Dyas mit LuvSide Savonius Windturbine

One Dyas (Oranje Nassau Energy)

LS Double Helix 1.5
Vertical axis wind turbine with Savonius rotor

Collaborating with our offshore distributor, Alpha Technologies, One Dyas installed our LS Double Helix 1.5 on their offshore platform. The wind turbine not only generates electrical power, but also empowers the company to reach a more cost-effective, greener, and more sustainable goal.

September 2017

Previous Client Projects & Applications

Go through the picture slideshow to see more of our accomplished installations for various businesses, organizations, and communities.

  • Stadtwerke Lübeck: LS Double Helix 1.5 Savonius Wind Turbine

    As one of our governmental clients, Stadtwerke Lübeck purchased a LS Double Helix 1.5 wind turbine. Painted in green to match the building appearance, the Savonius turbine has been supplying energy for the building since February 2016.

  • Siegle + Epple: LS Double Helix 1.5 Savonius Wind Turbine

    Siegle + Epple purchased our LS Double Helix 1.5 wind turbine to support their company’s electricity consumption. Built with their brand colors, the turbine is also a strong sustainability representation of the company. Project completed in December 2015.

    Our Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

    • LS Double Helix 1.5

      Proven track record of operation along the coast of North Sea, on offshore platforms, by business sites, and on university campuses.

      360° Wind Pickup
      Flow-optimized slat geometry
      Storm-Proof design
      Up to 180 km/h wind speed
      Low Environmental Impact
      Near-silent operation
      Operational Safety
      Overload clutch ensurance

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    • LS Helix 3.0

      Same robustness, higher efficiency. LuvSide’s next evolution Savonius turbine, available now.

      360° Wind Pickup
      No yaw system required
      Storm-Proof design
      Up to 180 km/h wind speed
      Low Environmental Impact
      Near-silent operation
      Operational Safety
      Overload clutch ensurance

      View Details

    • WindSun 5.0
      Initial launch in Fall 2020
      Evolutionary hybrid of Darrieus wind turbines and solar energy with a power output of 5.0 kW.

    This is a vertical axis wind turbine that can…

    • Withstand tropical storms and typhoons
    • Be installed on various landscapes
    • Connect directly to local power grids
    • Create lower environmental harm
    • Supply energy autonomously
    • Act as representation of sustainability

    Learn more

    as operation sites

    tons CO2
    saved by LuvSide

    on board with us

    on & offshore


    • E-Werk Mittelbaden
    • Helmut Schmidt Universität
    • Saudi Electrity Company
    • Shell
    • Stadtwerke Lübeck
    • Tulip Oil
    • One Dyas
    • Siegle + Epple
    • Landesgartenschau 2020
    • GM.SH
    • Verpackungsberatung Hage

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    How can wind turbines help to generate off-grid electricity?

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    Wind farms can be built both onshore and offshore, but they have different advantages and disadvantages. The differences between onshore and offshore wind farms come in four aspects: Cost, Location, Environmental Impact, and Capacity Factor of wind turbines.

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