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Company Presentation

Founded in 2014, LuvSide thrives on continuous innovation and pioneering products in the wind energy industry. Our vertical axis wind turbines have a proven track record in both onshore and offshore environments in Europe and the Middle East. Download our Company Brochure for more information.

LS Double Helix 1.5

LS Double Helix 1.5

Small yet robust, minimalistic yet powerful. LuvSide’s first Savonius wind turbine.

LS Helix 3.0 vertical axis wind turbine

LS Helix 3.0

Higher power output, higher efficiency. LuvSide’s next-evolution Savonius wind turbine.

WindSun 5.0

Innovative hybrid of solar and wind energy. LuvSide’s new-concept Darrieus turbine coming soon.

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LuvSide's engineering team in action

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Luvside's vertical axis wind turbine

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