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Achieve green energy transformation with us

LuvSide is always seeking to establish trusted partnerships globally with businesses and organizations which support sustainability, wind energy, and environmental protection as much as we do. As regional distributors of LuvSide, you will drive the scale of local wind power expansion and contribute to a greener, cleaner future for our world.

Our DACH distributor: Hans Otte

As a LuvSide wind turbine distributor

Wind energy knowledge

You speak wind

You are familiar to the wind condition, geographic environment, and wind turbine policies in your local region.

Business contacts

You know the people

You have established your local network and you know where to find potential clients.

Technological expertise

You work the tech

You are an expert in relevant fields or you work with professional teams with expertise in electrical installation and foundation.

Sales achievement

You drive the sales

You are confident to meet our annual sales goal of minimum 10 turbines per year.

From LuvSide to You

As the wind turbine supplier and your trusted partner, we provide our distributors with the best resources to grow and expand together.

Selling rights

Selling Rights

You have full selling rights of all our turbines in your regions with little direct competition.

Promoted pricing

Promoted Pricing

You enjoy promoted pricing offered exclusively to our partners.

Marketing support

Marketing Support

You receive marketing materials, up-to-date information, and online exposure from us.

An expanding turn of wind power

as operation sites

tons CO2
saved by LuvSide

on board with us

on & offshore

Our Distributors

Currently, LuvSide works with distributors based in 4 continents around the world. We are always open to work with more partners to open new regional and local markets.

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