South Africa: Windy coastal regions and power cuts

With some extreme weather and wind conditions, South Africa is ideally suited for small wind turb…

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Monika Heinold: “Energy transition and research thought together”

Schleswig-Holstein’s Finance Minister Monika Heinold informed herself about the wind turbin…

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LuvSide Joins Friday For Future Climate Strike #NetzstreikFürsKlima: How to Contribute as a Citizen?

How can we contribute more to climate protection? We’ve put together 3 simple tips that ord…

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Leon Dietenberger: Take Actions First, Then Work On The Results

Leon Dietenberger was LuvSide’s six-month intern in Electrical Engineering. Here is his story. …

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Felix Adelt: 6 Months in the Turbine Production Workshop

Felix Adelt was LuvSide’s six-month intern in Turbine Production and Workshop Management. H…

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