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The Small wind turbine from LuvSide is awarded with the Industry Award 2015

Grünwald near Munich, April 16, 2015 – he young company LuvSide GmbH from Grünwald near Munich, the innovative vertical small wind turbines (SWT) manufactures and markets, has been honored with this year’s HANNOVER MESSE with the title BEST OF the INDUSTRIEPREIS, 2015. His Savonius wind generator rotor, which provides through its innovative rotor geometry a performance increase of about 25 percent compared to conventional Savonius rotors, convinced the top class jury.

For the tenth time recognizes the INDUSTRIEPREIS the Huber Verlag for New Media particularly innovative and advanced German-speaking industrial companies that meet the current global challenges outstanding and beneficial products and industry solutions. The prize is awarded annually in 14 different categories in the context of HANNOVER MESSE on the net. A high profile jury of 30 experts composed by professors, scientists, industry experts and editors reviewed all submissions on its technological, economic, environmental or social benefits. So sitting in the field of Energy & Environment Professor Claudia Kemfert in the jury, it is economic expert in the areas of energy research and climate protection and Head of Department of Energy, Transportation and Environment at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin) and Professor of Energy Economics and sustainability at the Hertie School of Governance Berlin (HSoG).

LuvSide convinced the jury with its innovative vertical wind generator and thus belongs in the category Energy & Environment at the top of the Industry Award 2015. At the same time the company is thus added to the INDUSTRIE leaderboard on the Internet ( as an official of the renowned “the best of breed” by the initiative Mittelstand.

At HANNOVER MESSE visitors’ interest to LuvSide is enormous, the company has already numerous reservations for its 1 kW systems (max. Power 2.5 kW) receive. To satisfy the high customer interest in a timely manner, the team of LuvSide has decided to a first pre-series later this year. Currently, one builds in LuvSide on a waiting list, with which one wants to plan a fixed number of plants already for, 2015. Interested parties can register their interest in buying on the website of LuvSide or direct contact. Prices are available on request. In the medium term LuvSide also turbines with outputs of 3 and 6 kW.

Three Pillars of Success

Conventional vertical Savoniusrotoren usually have a relatively high weight and a relatively low efficiency. To eliminate these serious drawbacks LuvSide GmbH was breaking new ground in the development of its rotor. The successful concept of LuvSide based on three pillars.

  1. Although the LuvSide rotor follows the classic savonius shape but has an innovative and proprietary rotor geometry with striking slats. Thanks to the intelligent flow guide annoying turbulence are avoided, thus eliminating the weak points in terms of efficiency. In complex 3D flow analysis of the aerospace engineering of LuvSide rotor showed a performance increase of more than 25 percent compared to conventional Savonius geometries.
  2. With its ultra-lightweight manner with fiber-reinforced high-performance plastic LuvSide balances the weight disadvantage of other vertical rotors. Thus, the rotor of LuvSide achieves significant advantages in start-up behavior – especially in light winds. Moreover, the material ensures even in adverse weather influences a life of more than 20 years.
  3. A customized control electronics, which is precisely tuned to the low-speed generator of German manufacture, governs the optimum interaction of wind power, speed and current collectors. To establish a direct load path from the wind turbine to the generator and to reduce the number of components, this is directly integrated into the foot.

“We are truly excited about the award BEST OF 2015 in the category Energy & Environment of the Industry Award 2015”, explained Rolf Hoffmann, Managing Director of LuvSide GmbH. “For our young company this price gain means a kind of booster effect, which provides us an additional boost in increasing our visibility at national and international levels. With the selection of our product, the jury also confirms the innovative power of our rotor concept. The high interest in our system at HANNOVER MESSE proves this. ”

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