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LuvSide is mainly designed to work into an AC Power network (230V / three-phasic) reducing the consumption of a house, a commercial entity or a public building. The LuvSide turbine is aimed at three target groups:

Private Clients

Individuals that want to cut down their electricity consumption by using wind energy are targeted, as well as autonomous power supply users, for example in mountain huts, farms, cottages or in islands. Factors such as the location and wind speed on the area are of crucial importance in the economic aspect (visit A four-person household (4000-5500 kw / h annual consumption) can save with the 1 kW system from LuvSide between 30 and 50 percent of their annual energy costs with an average wind yield at an average altitude.

Business & Industries

LuvSide wind turbine for the commercial and industry sector can vary depending on the space available. Whether in skyscrapers, logistics buildings, car dealers with attractive architecture (possibly including a tank refill option for electric cars) or hotels near the coast – Wind is everywhere, and so the ability to harvest it. This allows the modular design to merge into a compact helix turbine and install it for example in an edge or a roof of a building (7 meters height with 3 kW). LuvSide is characterized not only by its high efficiency, but also by its attractive double helix design. Therefore LuvSide can function simultaneously as an innovative and renewable energy source and a modern advertising system in addition to the positive effects that generates on the corporative image perceived by the customer.


Also public buildings like schools, educational institutions, offices, sports halls, indoor swimming pools, etc. are all suited for LuvSide wind energy solutions. Many communities prove their sustainability by using renewable energy supply systems. Last but not least, communities can also benefit from the added value of the wind turbines.
Even as an “Art on buildings” LuvSide with its attractive design has endless possibilities, that haven’t been discovered yet.

1 kW system

The 1 kW LuvSide turbine with a turbine of 300 cm height and 140 cm diameter has a nominal power of 1 kW at 14 m / s wind speed. This results in an attractive energy yield for vertical small wind turbines from the 4.2 square meter wind area. With an average wind speed of 4-5m / s in good locations, the LuvSide 1 kW system can generate approx. 750-1,100 kWh.

1,5 kW system

The LuvSide 1.5 kW turbine, measuring 400 cm in height and 140 cm in diameter, has a nominal output of 1.5 kW at a wind speed of 14 m / s. This results in an energy yield of 1,100-1,800 kWh per year in medium-sized locations from the projected wind area of ​​5.6 m². This system is aimed at both private and commercial customers.

3 kW system

The LuvSide 3 kW turbine, measuring 400 cm in height and 220 cm in diameter, has a rated output of 3 kW at a wind speed of 16 m / s. Here, two turbines are assembled in a modular manner and run on a generator. This results in an energy yield of 3,000-5,000 kWh per year in medium-sized locations from the projected wind area of ​​8.8 m². This facility is aimed at architects and commercial customers who can attach additional storage points to a property.

Large growing target markets

According to a report by the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA), around 74,000 small wind turbines were newly installed worldwide in 2011, representing growth of 11% in relation to the previous year. The total number of small wind turbines installed rose to 730,000 units. In Germany, the number of SWT units installed up to this date lay between 10,000 and 15,000; the current data situation only permits an estimate.
As already mentioned, market analyses by the German Federal Ministry of Economics currently envisage a need for small wind turbines (SWT) of 10,000 units/year in Germany alone, and this figure is growing rapidly.
Due, in particular, to the lack of German manufacturers in the most important power ranges (up to 2.8 kW), the LuvSide, with its “German quality” and intended price advantage, will have the opportunity to reduce the market share of the competition and grow significantly. The aim is for the first 1 kW unit to be launched onto the market at the start of 2020.

Currently LuvSide is testing its 1 kW generator in extensive long-term tests, for example in Allgäu / foothills in the Alps or in Gütersloh / Westphalia. The goal is to bring LuvSide closer to the performance of the horizontal small wind turbines (HSWT)

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