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LuvSide GmbH, based in Grünwald (in the administrative district of Munich) develops, builds and sells vertical small wind turbines (SWTs) for the generation of electricity from wind energy.
The development concept is based on three pillars: innovative blade geometry, modern lightweight design and a specially customed power electronics. Currently preparing the
launch of wind turbines with an output of 1kW, 3kW and 6kW.
LuvSide relies on the synergy effects and the know-how of ERKA TECHNIK in injection-production and further-sized enterprises in the area of product development. The consortium is financially supported by BMWI from Berlin under the ZIM funding program.

Rolf Hoffmann

Rolf Hoffmann

Managing Director of LuvSide GmbH,
Programme Manager for Innovative Products, ERKA Technik GmbH

Born in 1964 in the Hanseatic City of Lübeck.
Married, father of three children, nature lover and active devotee of all sports relating to wind, water and mountains.

Professional career:

  • Studied economics in Munich
  • Graduated as: Dipl. Wirt.-Ingenieur (graduate industrial engineer)
  • Automotive: Development Engineer, BMW AG, Munich.
  • Finance consultancy: Director of Private Banking, Credit Suisse AG, Munich.
  • Corporate strategy: Head of Business Development, Postbank Finanzberatung, Bonn.
  • Renewable energy: Sales Director, start-up, Herrsching am Ammersee
    Plastics engineering: Programme Manager for innovative products, ERKA Technik, Bad Endorf.
  • Wind power: Since June 2014, founder and CEO of LuvSide GmbH, Grünwald in the district of Munich.

“Clean energy is one of the fundamental needs of the modern age. Unfortunately, there are over 1.5 billion people on the planet who do not currently have access to electricity and are waiting for a solution. Under a regime of centralised energy politics, the prospects for improvement are extremely poor.

In addition to the emergency in developing countries, the western world also finds itself faced with significant changes. According to UN statistics, the supply of fossil fuels will decline over the next 40 years. The solution is a ‘distributed and renewable energy supply’. This future has already begun: anyone who is waiting for the last energy source to be used up, either does not know about CO2 and climate change, or has no children.”

“Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.”

Victor Hugo 1802 – 1885

Rolf Hoffmann, who has a broad range of professional experience in establishing companies, passes on his experience to young entrepreneurs and advises them on the various disciplines of business development.
Since 2012, Hoffmann has himself been active as an investor and establisher of start-ups. As a father, his aim is to only promote companies that are sustainable and compatible with nature.

With the pioneering vertical-axis wind turbine from LuvSide, Rolf Hoffmann is now fulfilling his dream of introducing onto the rapidly growing market for small wind turbines (SWT) a new and almost unrivalled blade technology. Energy from small wind turbines may prove to be almost a magic bullet for the supply of decentralised power to entire coastal or mountain regions, without having to establish the unpopular infrastructure of more large wind turbines.

Hoffmann’s vision is to be able to supply households and companies in coastal areas and windy mountain regions with autonomous power using LuvSide technology, with any excess electricity being either stored or fed into the grid. In the foreseeable future the price for storage media (batteries) will fall further, which in Hoffmann’s opinion will lead to a boom in the distributed and autonomous supply of power. “Then LuvSide, along with its network partners, will be in a position that many entrepreneurs can only dream of. The almost silent wind turbine from LuvSide will become the standard solution for distributed power generation and can, thanks to its striking design, become the public symbol of a responsible and modern company.”

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