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Kreis der Besten

The wind turbine of LuvSide

is 200 cm high with a diameter of 140 cm, and has a
rated power of 1 kW at a wind speed of 14 m/s.
These results of energy efficiency in a swept area of only 2.8 square meter
are currently unmatched in the vertical SWT systems.


Vertical wind turbines with Savonius geometries are very easy to maintain, very quiet and stormproof. However all previous systems have also in common a relatively high weight and a rather low efficiency. Strong winds are needed to begin generating power.
To eliminate these serious drawbacks, LuvSide broke new ground in the development of its rotor. With its innovative concept based on three pillars.
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Light-weight constructionLight-weight construction

Light-weight construction

To offset the weight disadvantage of the vertical-axis format, LuvSide has prioritized ultra-lightweight construction from modern high-performance composites when selecting the materials for its rotor. The latest findings from process and materials technology have been implemented. The ultra-lightweight construction not only achieves advantages in terms of the start-up behavior of the rotor in weak winds, the material also guarantees a service life of more than 20 years despite the weather effects.

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Other SWT manufacturers often use standard components for their control electronics, despite the fact that these rarely work together seamlessly with their rotors. LuvSide, however, insists upon customized power electronics. A low-speed generator that was developed especially for the unit is integrated directly into the base, thereby permitting the direct transmission of power from the turbine rotor to the generator and reducing the number of components needed. The custom-developed control electronics that are customized to the unit ensure the optimal relationship between wind speed, rotation speed and power output.

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With its characteristic double helix design, the LuvSide rotor has a patent-protected, innovative rotor geometry that is proving its worth in the test field, day after day. Although it has a classic Savonius form, it also has innovative and striking slats that use the principles of intelligent flow guidance to eliminate the detrimental eddies associated with many vertical-rotor models, thereby extracting more of the energy from the wind that flows past. According to complex 3D flow analyses from the fields of aviation and aerospace, this will result in a power increase of more than 25 percent in comparison to conventional geometries.

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At a glance

  • Ultra-lightweight construction
  • Wind take-up from all directions (360 degrees)
  •  Extremely quiet operation
  •  No shadow flicker
  •  Low maintenance
  • gCompetitive purchase costs
  • 1 kW, 3 kW and 6kW
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A four-person household consumes between 4000 and 5500 kilowatt hours per year.

Ca 750 kWh

At an average wind speed of 4-5 m/s, e.g. at average altitudes, the 1 kW LuvSide unit will provide a saving in energy costs of around 1500 kW.
In northern Germany and the low mountain ranges, output can rise to 1000 kW/h.

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